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One Life Connection Training & Consultancy Introduce A Mindfulness-based Coaching Workshop with our special partner and facilitator: PhD Jungeun (June) You, Founder & CEO of Mabo, the first Meditation App in Korea & SIY Certified Teacher.

Find effective ways to overcome procrastination and negative self-talk

If you are battling with prioritizing things or procrastinating changes even though you know well they are important for your personal and professional growth, you will find this workshop worthwhile for you now. Skillfully led by Mindfulness Teacher and Coach, Jungeun (June) You, and energetically supported by Coach Luong Ngoc Tien throughout, you will experience a powerful body-heart-mind opening journey that helps you reconnect to your inner values, explore deep insights to overcome procrastination and negative self talk.

Embedded in mindfulness, movements and guided meditations, this workshop can possibly create a breakthrough for you.



PhD Jungeun (June) You is the Founder and CEO of Mabo App, the first guided mindfulness meditation app in Korean and a Certified SIY Teacher. In her earlier career, she was HR Consultant for IBM and Accenture and Manager Consultant for PWC.

She is also the director of Wisdom 2.0 Korea. She believes that everyone should be able to practice mindfulness meditation more easily with the support of modern technology. Here’s an article about her on Asian Entrepreneur:

More on her profile:

Coach Luong Ngoc Tien (MBA, Master Practitioner NLP) is the Founder of One Life Connection Training & Consultancy.

She is certified as a trainer of Mindfulness-based Compassion & Social Emotional Learning, Eurasia Learning Institute – ELI & a Teacher-in-training of Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute (

She is also recognized as one of the pioneering facilitators and motivational speakers on Mindfulness, Happiness and Well-being at the workplace.

More on her profile:
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