What do I wake up to every day?

I work for individuals and companies. They are the audience of my articles, classes, workshops, seminars and retreats. They are the recipients of my learning & development projects to bridge knowledge gap, bring new tools and create better methods.

My work is all about providing people with the right knowledge and know-hows for holistic and sustainable individual and team growth. It is what I can do, love doing, and has been recognized for. That’s why I’d love to think that they are the reason I wake up to every day. Here are a few things that are centre to my work:

#1. The Person At Work

Training & Development is all about fostering that human-being-at-work, a concept I truly believe in. It shows that we are leaders and performers in the making, not defined or limited by our current status. As long as we are ready and willing to put our thoughts into actions, to experiment and keep on improving ourselves over failures as well as successes, we will never stop growing.

#2. Inner Dimension of Our Competencies:

One can not be a good manager without the ability to handle changes and pressures. One can not be a good leader without the ability to handle complex situations yet still have clarity of what decisions and strategies to undertake. One can not be a fulfilled human-being without having joy and happiness in what they are doing.

These competencies require a reverse perspective: in order to better involve in the outer world, we learn to first engage with our inner world; in order to better understand others and how things work, we learn to first understand ourselves.

#3. Inner Skills For Growth:

As great scientists and psychologists have discovered, there are inner skills that are essential for leadership and human potential development, especially in today’s challenging world. I have developed programs and courses to equip you with these advanced areas of knowledge and tools to practice for yourself.


Our brain is a very important organ that directs most of our conscious and unconscious thoughts, emotions, behaviors and actions. It also has a limitless capacity to grow. Knowing how your brain works will not only help you become much more effective but also explains mental habits that can be altered with certain practices for your good.

Emotional Intelligence:

EQ has been well proven to be a defining factor for one’s career advancement as it can differentiate a true leader who understands him/herself and others, and is able to motivate him/herself as well as inspire others to make a difference. Knowing how to develop self awareness with a healthy sense of confidence, handle your own emotions, and build effective communication skills will make work more fun and life much more easy for you.

Energy Management:

You may talk about energy, but you may not know how to make it visible in your every day work-life routine. Energy is the electricity you can not see that brings light to your room. It is the source that runs through all your daily activities. The more you are aware of what brings you energy, what takes energy from you, or the impact thinking and feeling do to you and others, the better you are at managing your life and making it happen the way you want. Interestingly, there are many rooms for improvement and creativity in this aspect, which makes learning about it so fun and useful for many people.

Mindfulness At Work:

Researches show that more than half of the time, we are distracted with the task at hand. Most of the time, our mind is drifted towards the future or back to the past. We are not attentive to this present moment, to the person talking to us, to what is happening right in front of us. Our short span of attention is getting worse in this era of smart phone technology, which not only decreases our focus at work but also influences the quality of our mind. We are more informed, not exactly smarter. Mindfulness meditation can effectively alter traits, as titled in the book recently published by brain scientist Richard Davidson and psychologist Daniel Goleman. Hence one can practically practice mindfulness at work for great results.